Reality of Oneness – David Bohm

The illusion that the self and the world are broken into fragments originates in the kind of thought that goes beyond its proper measure and confuses its own product with the same independent reality. To end this illusion requires insight, not only into the world as a whole, but also into how the instrument of thought is working. Such insight implies an original and creative act of perception into all aspects of life, mental and physical, both through the senses and through the mind, and this is perhaps the true meaning of meditation.

As has been seen, fragmentation originates in essence in the fixing of the insights forming our overall self-world view, which follows on our generally mechanical, routinized and habitual modes of thought about these matters. Because the primary reality goes beyond anything that can be contained in such fixed forms of measure, these insights must eventually cease to be adequate, and will thus give rise to various forms of unclarity or confusion. However, when the whole field of measure is open to original and creative insight, without any fixed limits or barriers, then our overall world views will cease to be rigid, and the whole field of measure will come into harmony, as fragmentation within it comes to an end. But original and creative insight within the whole field of measure is the action of the immeasurable. For when such insight occurs, the source cannot be within ideas already contained in the field of measure but rather has to be in the immeasurable, which contains the essential formative cause of all that happens in the field of measure. The measurable and the immeasurable are then in harmony and indeed one sees that they are but different ways of considering the one and undivided whole.
~David Bohm

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The energy of All is bringing in balance, harmony, and peaceful freedom. Remember that happiness and joy are theJoy catalysts. Always remain in that space of pure peace, pure Love, and pure Freedom.

Find your happiness and joy…. no matter what. Enjoy your experiences always.

It’s time to completely let go of anticipated reactions from others. Let go and allow yourself the freedom of just living in the now in perfect happiness, freedom, and joy!

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Spirituality Beyond the Fluffy Bunnies

rainbowkisses There is an awakening happening. We are shifting into a new level of reality, or rather, becoming more in touch with what is real.

The delusions of the physical realm are falling away and we are beginning to see with new eyes, and love with new hearts. With each new day, we see more clearly how we have been deceiving ourselves and how we have been deceived by others. We are becoming aware of how we have been deceived by the government, religious leaders, the media and historians. We are awakening to the truth and it is a freeing feeling to be able to share this with others of like mind. People are gathering together to share common goals.

They talk of unconditional love and oneness. This sounds like ideal conditions, a real utopia. Unfortunately, there are some rotten apples in the bunch. They appear to be the ideal fruit, genuine and sweet. But they are just very polished, masters of deception. They speak of spirituality as being all about love and enlightenment while they clean your pockets and herd you up like little sheep. The truth of the matter is, spirituality is work.It is part of every day life. You are always planting seeds on your path. Your garden will not come to fruition unless you get your hands dirty, sweat  and sometimes feel pain.

Occasionally you will have to remove the weeds, preventing the life from being sucked out of you all in the name of “love”. It is right to love and be compassionate towards others, but it is not right to treat them better than you treat yourself. It is not right to let them have power over you, for the only one that gives them that power is you, they cannot take it. ¬†Spirituality is not a hobby, or part time job, it is life. To truly be alive takes strength, work, patience and love. It takes the strength to say no, open eyes to see the truth, and wisdom to walk away from the frauds and false “Earth Angels”. The good guys don’t always wear white, and sometimes they fight back, but they always fight fair and honest.

Being spiritual, enlightened and loving, does not mean that you have to put up with other peoples crap. It does not mean that you have endure their judgement. It does not mean that you have to be perfect. It is not all about fluffy bunnies, rainbow kisses, unicorn stickers, angel wings and sugar laden sweet talk. Spiritual people are allowed to get angry sometimes and even cuss. I have been known to drop a few F bombs whenever I see an injustice, like animal cruelty, deforestation, children starving, cancer causing ingredients in our food, fracking, etc………. The important thing is to keep it real, and walk your talk.

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